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March8 LIVE returns to discuss Women in STEM and what can be done to encourage future female generations into a male dominated industry.

Statistics vary but fewer than 20% of engineers and architects are women. 25% of the people in mathematics and computer science are female and 40% of chemists.

Why? That's what we will be discussing. Are girls institutionally discouraged from pursuing STEM careers? Is there a cultural issue facing young women entering the industry? Or is it a combination of the two (and more)?

March8 will assemble a lineup of speakers from across the STEM industries as we share ideas and discuss solutions.

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Meet the speakers

(More speakers to be announced!)

Mara Pometti

Senior AI Strategist


Natalia Nicholson

CEO & Founder

Women In Digital Business

Fannie Delavelle



Samantha Humphries

Head of Security Strategy, EMEA


Samantha Karlin


Empower Global

Ayca Tunc-Ruff

Vice President & Head of Sales DACH


Katherine Gormley

Principal Solutions Engineer

Resistant AI

Eleanor Ludlam


DAC Beachcroft LLP

Alice Williams

Vice President of Strategy

Schneider Electric UK & Ireland

Nina Jane Patel

Co-founder + Head of

Metaverse Research


We've done this before...

“Thank you so much for a fantastic day. It was an absolute joy to be surrounded by so many inspirational women.”

Kylee Hurrell
Business Coach and Trainer
The Threedom Coaches

“Thanks so much for organising this event and inviting me. It was such a pleasure to be there and to meet so many inspiring women.”

Svetlana Valgina
Performance Sales Manager

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